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What are member profiles?

Member profiles are individual ‘crowdfunding’ campaigns, that offer people who are in need an opportunity to set up fundraising goals, have their stories told and their voices heard. Donors can contribute to these profiles knowing that any money raised on a member profile will benefit that member directly.

How are member selected?

Members will be selected and supported by our partner organisations who have existing relationships with them.  This allows us to work with a group of service users who will gain the most benefit from our fundraising platform.  We aim to work with people who are already or are interested in becoming more confident with using the web, as part of our long term strategy of fighting poverty with technology.  Ambition from members to grow themselves through skills and training courses, and aim towards future employment opportunities is another main focus of ours.

How are partner organisations selected?

When looking for organisations to partner with, our standards are that they prioritise empowerment, dignity, and sustainability in their efforts to combat poverty. We also require that their methodology is centered around long term development support.  We look to work with organisations who provide on the ground support for those in crisis situations.

How do individual members receive donations?

When you donate to one of our members, your donation will be transferred to the partner organisation who is managing the individual’s case. Our partner will then work with the member to redeem the funds they received for the specific items or services they were intended. For example, a case manager might help the member order a winter coat or pay bills online, but regardless of the item, our partners will be assisting members and managing the funds every step of the way.

How do I know if my donation had an impact?

When our member has reached their target goal, you will receive a thank you note from this person detailing how your gift was used and how it helped. You can also visit the member’s profile to see the latest updates on how they are getting on.

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