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Why I’m using StreetChange fundraising for a bicycle

At the moment I have been working as a courier but my bike was stolen. I had saved up and got my bike second hand for £300. It was great because it helped me get a job, but now my bike has been stolen I can’t take the shifts. I am on a zero-hour contract so I only get paid if I can take the shifts. I am worried because the longer I can’t take shifts, the more difficult it is for me to pay my bills. I am really worried about becoming homeless again as I feel I’ve come so far over the last couple of years. I can borrow a bike from my friend when he isn’t working but if he is working then I can’t take any shifts.

If I could get a replacement bike it would make a massive impact on my life. I’d be able to get back into work and start earning money again. It would also help my mental health as I wouldn’t feel so stressed out all the time.

My Story

I came to the UK in 2006. I came to look for work to finance my studies. My family situation in Poland meant that I couldn’t afford to study without working as well and at the time wages in the UK were higher. I worked in the UK for nearly 8 years while studying physiotherapy part time. Then my boss didn’t pay me for a few months, this was during the recession, so I began to struggle to pay for the room I was renting. I sold my tools (I was working in construction) and then I sold my car to try to help but in the end I ended up homeless. I had to sleep on the streets for a while then I got into temp accommodation. Now thankfully, I have my own tenancy.

My goals moving forward

I would love to get a replacement bike and start taking on more shifts. Once I get back into working properly things will get easier.

I would also like to continue my physiotherapy studies as well. I will need to work for a bit longer before I can start doing this.

I’m running the Edinburgh Marathon this year for Bethany Christian Trust – they helped me a lot when I was rough sleeping and in temporary accommodation so I want to help them. I also love running marathons: when I was living on the streets I was always out running, it helped with my mental health as well as keeping me fit.

I would also like to start volunteering or working in addiction supports. I’ve known a lot of people who have struggled with addictions and I’d really like to help them.

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May 18

Elizabeth made a £10 donation.

May 18, 2017 at 9:40am

Good luck and best wishes. 😊

May 16

Suzie made a £10 donation.

May 16, 2017 at 9:21pm

All the best David, keep fighting and keep the faith. Suzie

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